BLOG | JUNE 18, 2021

Investor Protect

As of 2019, StatsCanada identified that around 40% of Toronto’s condominiums are investor-owned and are either vacant, used as a second home, or rented out. Condo rentals, and the unique challenges that accompany being a landlord, are only becoming more common.

How can we protect landlords, so they can rest assured that their investment is in good hands?

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The SmartONE response

Investor Protect integrates active monitoring of smoke and leak detectors, alerts investors to in-suite emergencies, updates HVAC service conditions, and facilitates access to select community cameras and message boards. The resident maintains their privacy by blocking access to features such as receiving lobby calls or seeing visitor logs.

We’re providing landlords the security of knowing that they’ll be informed the instant there is an event that could jeopardize the integrity of their unit.

A connected suite

Smoke and leak detectors directly communicate with the SmartONE system via the in-suite wall pad. If a pipe bursts or the smoke detector is triggered, the investor will instantly be alerted on their smartphone.

We’ve built HVAC integration into our system so that the HVAC unit can directly communicate with the wall pad; because of this, investors will also be notified if the suite HVAC unit needs to be repaired or serviced.

An investment that extends beyond the suite

Staying connected to the community you’re invested in is just as important as staying connected to your individual property and the tenants that occupy it.

Investor Protect lets investors view selected community cameras which are integrated on the SmartONE system, contributing to a virtual community watch.

Investors also have access to community notices and message boards, so that they’re always informed of the latest updates and services, such as suite inspections, parking garage cleaning, servicing amenities, or fire alarm testing.

Creating a place where people want to invest

Our platform is effectively ending the game of broken telephone that occurs between community or suite events, residents, and their landlords; investors always have the most up-to-date information on their property.

SmartONE is built to serve our communities and that means serving residents, property managers, developers, and investors alike. If approximately only 60% of purchasers are using their condo as a primary residence, we must go beyond creating a place where people want to live – we’re creating a place where people want to invest.



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