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Highlighting SmartONE’s top 5 features for a comfortable community experience

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Innovation has always been at the heart of our solution. As life changes, our engineers have adapted our product to be able to change with it. From smart lighting that provides accessibility options for hard-of-hearing residents to our Scenes features that allow families to automate their routines, we’ve always been at the forefront of the smart building revolution. We also listen to what people are asking for to ensure we target innovation to things you want,

Here are five features to enhance your smart community:

1) Scenes: Programming your day at the touch of a button

SmartONE’s scenes feature helps residents create experiences tailored to their needs.

Every Zigbee-enabled smart device in a resident’s suite, from lights and blinds to coffee machines and Alexa, can connect with the SmartONE wall pad, creating a central hub that allows people to program when those devices turn on and off and how they function.

Busy residents can create a “good morning” scene that opens the blinds and starts the coffee-machine while they get ready for work, while a family with young kids can create a “good night” scene that dims the lights and closes the blinds in their child’s room at a certain time each night.

Special mention:

SmartONE’s smart blinds – in partnership with Somfy – are an especially useful feature that can be controlled through our wall pad and our app. Residents can open or close their blinds at the touch of a button, without moving from the couch. This is especially helpful for those with movement disabilities or arthritis.

2) Book at your leisure – our amenity booking feature

Our amenity booking feature allows property managers and residents to pre-schedule time-based access to a building’s amenities through our app. This was, and continues to be, an especially popular feature during the pandemic, when social distancing protocols were in place and amenity spaces were limited. This feature effectively streamlines this process for property managers while being an efficient way to enforce health and safety protocols and also provides valuable demand data that can be used when developing shared facility policies within a community.

3) An app that always meets your needs

The SmartONE app is an extension of our solution that allows residents to control their living space regardless of where they are. Through the app, residents can monitor their doorbell cameras, receive alarms and important building information from property managers, and effortlessly manage their smart home features.

“The beauty of our app is that it’s fully customizable to both developer and resident needs,” said Gayatri Mahajan, SmartONE’s Software Product Owner.

“It’s built in such a way that we can easily add features and incorporate any third-party integration a developer or property manager requests. Our app is flexible. That’s what sets us apart from our competition.”

Upcoming app developments include:

Availability in French

SmartONE’s wall pad, mobile app and management console will soon be offered in French Canadian as well as English. As a company that values inclusivity, we’re excited to simplify the smart tech experience for French-speaking residents.

Elevator calling

Who hasn’t waited an exorbitant amount of time for an elevator, while already late to work? In a condo, elevators are a basic necessity, which is why we now have a call feature that will allow residents to use the app to call the elevator before leaving their unit.

SmartONE Solutions wall pad in a suite

4) Management console – giving property managers a leg up

SmartONE’s property management console allows managers in smart buildings to communicate with residents, mitigate risks, improve operations and manage amenities. Through the console, property managers can:

  • Add and remove residents from the system if they’re having trouble installing the app
  • Send timely announcements and push notifications
  • Control and track amenity booking
  • Monitor leak and smoke detectors in every unit to offer emergency assistance is required

In the future, the console could provide additional in-suite amenity controls as needs evolve, such as allowing property managers to access in-suite environmental controls. This would be done with resident privacy and security in mind.

5) Going green made easy – energy consumption features

Residents can program our smart thermostats through the scene feature to stay at a certain temperature at certain times of the day, which also helps improve energy conservation. Residents can also control their thermostats remotely through our app.

Working with sub-metering partners, SmartONE now offers energy consumption reports for in-suite energy use. This helps residents identify how much energy is consumed per unit. This information will be available to residents via the app, and will later be extended to property managers through the management console, again keeping privacy in mind.

“We’re not just giving users controlled thermostats from their phones, we’re giving them a complete solution to manage their smart homes,” said Mahajan.

“We’re going to help them be smart about their energy conservation. Residents need to know how much energy they’re consuming and how efficient they are. As a resident myself, I’m keen to know.”

Constantly adapting to meet resident needs

SmartONE never stands still. Our features are inherently flexible and customizable, allowing developers to create the perfect smart building community for their residents. To learn more about our solution and book a demo, contact us here.



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