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Investor Protect


BLOG | JUNE 18, 2021 Investor Protect As of 2019, StatsCanada identified that around 40% of Toronto’s condominiums are investor-owned and are either vacant, used as a second home, or rented out. Condo rentals, and the unique challenges that accompany being a landlord, are only becoming more common. How can [...]

Investor Protect2021-06-23T14:30:46-04:00

Smart Parcel Lockers


BLOG | JUNE 2, 2021 Smart Parcel Lockers Package delivery in condos and apartments can and must become smarter. EMarketer estimates that Canadian online spending will increase from $65 billion in 2019 to almost $108 billion by 2023. The current model of parcel delivery in most [...]

Smart Parcel Lockers2021-06-23T14:30:47-04:00

Why Innovation Matters


BLOG | MAY 14, 2021 Why Innovation Matters – 3 Guiding Principles for Creating Meaningful Innovation “Imagination is more important than knowledge” – Albert Einstein The SmartONE solution is powerful because we make space for imagination, forging a path to commercialization for solutions conceived by [...]

Why Innovation Matters2021-06-25T14:08:37-04:00

SmartONE Family Care


BLOG | APRIL 30, 2021 SmartONE Family Care Family is at the core of community. Staying connected to loved ones is important, whether your son or daughter is moving into their first condo, or your senior parent is trying to live alone with as much independence as [...]

SmartONE Family Care2021-06-23T14:30:48-04:00

How Smart Technologies are Preparing us for a Greener Future


BLOG | APRIL 22, 2021 How Smart Technologies are Preparing us for a Greener Future We live in a time of growing environmental consciousness. Individuals and corporations alike are searching for ways to live more sustainably without compromising convenience or experience. SmartONE Solutions has partnered with Kite [...]

How Smart Technologies are Preparing us for a Greener Future2021-06-23T14:30:49-04:00

Making Sure Nobody’s Left Behind in the Smart Community Revolution


BLOG | APRIL 12, 2021 Making Sure Nobody’s Left Behind in the Smart Community Revolution Technology is an inevitable part of our lives, but sometimes we feel like it’s evolving so quickly that it’s difficult for the casual user to keep up. Part of every discussion about new [...]

Making Sure Nobody’s Left Behind in the Smart Community Revolution2021-06-23T14:30:49-04:00

A Market-Driven PATH to Assistive Healthcare


BLOG | MARCH 26, 2021 A Market-Driven PATH to Assistive Healthcare “This partnership really encapsulates my motivation behind building the SmartONE solution. It is an aggregate of some of the greatest problem solvers I have met during my career, working together towards tangible solutions for Canada’s changing [...]

A Market-Driven PATH to Assistive Healthcare2021-06-23T14:30:49-04:00

Hello, Wall Pad!


BLOG | MARCH 14, 2021 Hello, Wall Pad! Living in a smart condo means always being connected to your home. You can change your thermostat, let your friends into the lobby, check visitor parking, connect with the concierge, and so much more. None of this would be [...]

Hello, Wall Pad!2021-06-23T14:30:50-04:00
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